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Curse of the Werepony 2
Chapter 4: And Many Happy Returns
By Steven Little
My Little pony is © Hasbro

        Rarity knocked on the door to the library, planning to have a nice long talk with her little dragon.  "Good Morning Rarity."  Twilight said when she answered the door.  "I take it you came to talk with Spike?"

        "Yes, he and I have a lot to talk about.  Is he awake yet?"  She asked.

        "I don't think so.  I haven't seen him come down yet.  I bet he's sleeping off those crystals from yesterday."  Twilight said.  "Come on, let's go wake him up."  

        Rarity followed the lavender unicorn up to Spike's room and gently knocked on his door.  "Spike darling, are you awake, Spike?"  There was no answer.  "I'm just going to pop my head in."  The white unicorn silently stepped into the room to find it devoid of her dragon.  The only thing she immediately saw was his empty bed, a scroll addressed to her resting on it.

       "Is everything all right Rarity?"  Twilight asked.  Walking into the room she found Rarity sitting on the bed reading the letter.

"Dearest Rarity,

        First I want you to know that I love you, never doubt that.  I had to go out of town for a little while but I will be back later this afternoon.  Emerald is with me.  There's so much I want to talk to you about but it will have to wait until I return.  Please be patient with me.  

Always yours, Spike."

        "Gone again," Rarity said.  "One of these days, I'm going to have to glue his feet to the floor."

        "Hey Rarity, didn't you give Spike a bunch of different gems yesterday?"  Twilight asked her.

        "Why yes, I gave him a wide assortment of gems; enough to fill four carts.  Why do you ask?"

        "Well, it seems that most of them are gone.  Look around; the only gems left are diamonds and purple amethysts.  All the others are gone."  Twilight stated.  "You don't think he could have eaten them do you?"

        Rarity got up and walked around the room noting the lack of gems.  Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a bundle of scrolls sticking out from beneath Spike's bed.   "Darling, even a dragon with Spike's appetite couldn't have eaten all of them over the span of a single night."

        The white unicorn pulled out the scrolls and started looking through them.  "What do you have there?"  Twilight asked.

        "They're blue prints."  She unfurled the bottom right corner and saw the date and project code written there.  "Twilight, these are the plans for the Boutique, my Boutique.  Why in Equestria would Spike have these?"

        "All these scrolls are building plans.  Each of them is a separate room and they're very detailed but I have no idea what they have in common."  The lavender unicorn said.

        "You don't think Spike took these do you?"  Rarity asked.

        "No, well, not all of them anyway."  She said.  "Look at these plans here; they're the originals for the Carousel Boutique.  Now look at these scrolls over here.  Each one of them have Spike's signature as the planner.  I think he drew these."

        "I didn't know Spike could draw and design like this."  The white unicorn said with surprise.

        "Well, I've asked him to draw diagrams in some of my letters to the Princess, but those were just copies of ones I had on a blackboard.   I guess he's gotten pretty good at making his own.  He must have been planning this for months."  Twilight reached for the last two scrolls and opened them.  "And now I think I know why."  Twilight laid out the final two scrolls in front of Rarity.  They depicted and exploded view of a large two story building.  The lower floor was a clothier's workspace and storefront while the upstairs was a home consisting of a kitchen, dining room, living room, utility room, two bathrooms, a master bedroom and two smaller rooms.  In the bottom right corner of the page was written, Home/Business of Rarity Filigree.

        "This, this is my home.  At least that's what it looks like but it's so much bigger.  This is at least three or four times the size of the current shop.  Spike drew this for me?"  She asked slightly confused.

        "I think Spike was anticipating your relationship going further and worked on this in the hopes that you and he would live together."  A sudden bolt of revelation struck Twilight.  "That's it!  Spike was working on this in the hopes that your relationship would grow.  When you told him you were pregnant, all he could think of were these plans.  I'm certain, deep down Spike knows he's too young to really provide for you but I think he's trying to raise the money to give you this, a home for you, him, Sweetie Belle, and your foal."

        "Then, the gems…"

        "I think he's taken them to sell.  He can't find a job, not for some time, so he's taking the only possession he has of value and selling them to raise the bits.  It doesn't make sense though.  Why would he take all the gems but leave these two types behind?"

        Rarity smiled.  "They're us Twilight, the diamonds and amethysts, it's me and Spike.  He left them here, together, as a message to me.  It was his way of letting me know that no matter what, he was coming back."  Rarity said, wiping a tear from her eye.  The white unicorn walked out of the room, levitating the blueprints behind her.  "I'll wait for him here at the library, but in the meantime, I'll be studying these."


        Spike and Emerald waved goodbye to Pinkie's two younger sisters as they walked away from the rock quarry the pink pony grew up on.  "They were nice."  Emerald commented.

        "Yeah, Pinkie's sisters are pretty cool.  I still can't believe how many bits they gave me for all those gems."  He said indicating the cart full of bits his sister was pulling.  "I should have just enough to carry out my plan."

        "And what plan might that be little brother?  You never told me what you needed all this money for."  Emerald inquired.

        "I'm going to give Rarity a present.  It's a gift for her, Sweetie Belle and now for the baby too."  Spike said.

        "Are you going to tell me what it is or are you going to make me guess?"  The dragoness asked.

        "It's a home.  Rarity lives in her shop and since Sweetie Belle moved in they've been sharing the space above the store's main showroom.  She works so hard she deserves a real home so I got a hold of the shop's original plans and I used them to design a new home for her, a real home.  I had planned on waiting a while to give this to her but with the baby coming; I need to do this sooner."

        "That's pretty ambitious little brother.  Have you told Rarity about it?"

        "No, not yet.  I don't know how to broach the subject but I'm sure I'll figure it out.  Until I do, could you help me hide all these bits at the library?  I don't want her to find out until the plans are finished."  Spike told her.

        "Sure thing," she said.


        As the two dragons approached the library from the back allies, so as not to be spotted hauling around a cart full of bits, Rarity rushed out the door to greet him.  "Spikey!"  She called out, tackling the small dragon to the ground, smothering him with soft quick little kisses all over his face.  "Spike I missed you so much.  Emerald would you be a dear and bring that cart inside."

        "No problem Rarity.  Twilight, could you give me a hand, err hoof?"

        "Of course," she said, giggling at the dragoness' slip in vernacular.

        "Spike, we have a lot to talk about and you are not getting away from me this time."  Rarity used her mouth to pick the dragon up by the end of his tail and happily trotted into the library with her precious cargo.

        Rarity dropped the dragon onto one of the seats around the reading pit and sat down next to him.  On the table in front of them were Spike's plans spread out across its surface.  "When Twilight and I were looking for you, I found your letter and I found these as well.  Spike, what is all this?  Why do you have the construction plans for my home?"  Rarity asked him.

        "They're not done yet."  The young dragon said, leafing through the plans.   "You weren't supposed to see these until your birthday.  It was going to be my present to you.  I figured six months would be plenty of time to raise the money but then everything changed."

        "Spike, I appreciate this but you don't have to do this for me."  She reassured him.

        "Yes, yes I do."  He said, looking away from her, not able to face the pony he loved.  "The Princesses told me that it didn't matter what our differences were.  All that mattered was how we felt about each other.  That's all well and good but there are times when I still think you deserve better.  You deserve somepony who can take care of you, somepony that can provide for you and Sweetie Belle, and I'm neither.  This was the best I could do.  I thought that if nothing else I can give this to you, prove that at the very least I can give you a real home, and not just a couple of rooms above your store."

        Rarity grabbed the small dragon and forced him to look at her.  "Now you see here you stubborn little dragon.  I have never asked you for anything or demanded anything from you until now.  Spike, I don't ever want to hear you devalue yourself again.  You are one of the most important things in my life.  I don't know what I'd do without you."  The two lovers hugged each other tightly, tears of happiness streamed down their faces.  Pulling back from the embrace, Rarity looked down at his cuddly face and bright shining eyes.  Leaning in again she kissed the small dragon lightly on the lips.

        "Are we interrupting anything?"  Spike and Rarity looked up to see Twilight, Emerald, and Princess Celestia standing just inside the doorway.

        "Princess!"  The two lovers shouted in unison.  Rarity and Spike separated to either end of the couch, each blushing wildly.  "I'm sorry Princess, we didn't expect you, please excuse what you saw."  Rarity said.

        "It's quite all right."  Celestia said with a small smile.  "I've come because a friend of mine seems to be having a little trouble as of late."

        "I'm sorry your majesty, I didn't mean for you to get any further involved in my problems.  Both you and Princess Luna have done so much for me already."  The small dragon said.

        "Funny you should mention my sister.  When Twilight sent me a letter informing me of everything that had been happening since your return to Ponyville, it was Luna that suggested a course of action that I think will work out for all parties involved."  

        "Princess, just out of curiosity, where is Princess Luna?  I thought she'd want to be here since she took such an interest in Spike's problem."  Twilight asked, trying not to sound too expectant.

        "Luna said she had some important research to do.  She sends her apologies."  Celestia said.  "Back to the matter at hoof; Twilight, it has been decided to increase the stipend you receive from the treasury.  The increase should be more than enough for you to pay Spike a fair wage for the work he performs for you and here at the library.  Spike, I appreciate that you want to do this on your own but I need you to understand how important your assistance to Twilight is.  I would consider it a personal favor, if you continue your work with her.  Can you do that for me?"

        "Yes your majesty.  Thank you.  This is more than I could have hoped for."  Spike said, hugging Rarity tightly.

        Princess Celestia walked next to the table and quickly perused the blueprints.  "Spike, did you draw these?"

        "Yes your majesty, it's a gift for Rarity and the baby."  The young dragon informed her.

        "Baby, what Baby?"  The Princess inquired.

        Rarity swallowed hard.  Telling her friends was one thing but telling the ruler of Equestria was quite another.  Rarity's heart rate increased as her anxiety swelled.  Spike could see her begin the sweat and shake.  He stroked her mane slowly in an attempt to calm her.  The white unicorn mare looked down at the little dragon smiling back at her, his eyes radiating the love and concern he felt for her.  She turned to face the Princess's questioning gaze.  "Yes your highness; I'm pregnant and Spike is the father.  While he was a pony, we were, intimate.  As a result I'm now carrying his foal."

        "Just as I suspected, and I couldn't be happier for you both.  Although, I wish Twilight had been a little more complete in her last letter."  Twilight smiled awkwardly.  "As much as I'd love to stay and catch up with each of you, I fear I must be going.  I wish you all the best, and Spike?"

        "Yes Princess?"

        "Instead of building a completely new second floor; have the current boutique lifted and placed on top of the newly built first floor.  The two rooms up at the top can serve as an attic storage space and the old shop can be cleared and rebuilt as the new living space.  That should cut down on building cost and complete the new building in half the time."  She suggested.

        Spike studied the plans carefully.  "You're right Princess.  Doing it that way would cut the cost almost in half.  Thank you, thank you so much for your help."

        "It's my pleasure Spike."  The Princess said with a smile.  "Do let me know when the baby is born, I'd like to pay another visit and see him or her if I could."

        "Of course your majesty, you are always most welcome in our home."  Rarity said.

        "Our home?"  Spike asked.

        "Yes darling; our home."  She said, pulling the little dragon close to her.  The Princess smiled at the loving couple one last time before departing back to Canterlot.


        Spike couldn't believe how fast eight months could pass.  The new boutique had been finished a week before and with all the bits they saved from construction, not only were they able to buy all new furnishings for their home, but Rarity was able to completely stock and set up her new studio and the main sales floor with the best and the latest of dress making equipment.  The upstairs apartment was completely different from its old life as a store.  Their home had an open space design to allow for the best possible air circulation.  The kitchen, washroom and laundry room were off to the left of the front door while three bedrooms and bathroom made up the right half of the second floor.  Sandwiched in between was a large family room furnished with sofas, a radio, and an oval coffee table in the center.  Spike was back in the master bedroom with Rarity, resting after an exhausting night with Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and Apple Bloom.  There was a loud knock at the front door.  Rarity moved to get up but Spike held out a claw to stop her.  "It's okay, I'll get it; you just rest here."  He said.

        "Spike, I'm pregnant, not disabled.  I can do things for myself you know."  She argued.

        "I know but it's kind of hard for you to get up and the baby's due anytime now.  I don't want you exerting yourself if you don't have to."

        The white unicorn kissed her dragon lover.  "That's very sweet of you darling but I'm fine, I promise.  This foal isn't coming for a while yet.  The doctor said it'd be at least another month so don't worry."

        "Well, I'm already up so I'll go see who it is anyway."  He said, running out of the bedroom.  Spike reached the door as somepony knocked again.  On the other side of the door stood all five of his dearest friends.  "What are you guys doing here?  Is everything okay?"  He asked concerned.

        Pinkie bounced into the front room, shaking all over like she'd been on a sugar bender.  "My pinkie sense is going nuts.  It's telling me something really really important is happening here.  It's not quite a doozy but it's still acting like its super important."  She said in between shaking fits.

        "Little miss spaz, has been bouncing all over town telling us we had to follow her."  Rainbow Dash said grumpily, as the rest of the ponies entered into the living room.

        "I'm sure Pinkie Pie has a very good reason for gathering us Rainbow Dash."  Fluttershy said softly.

        "But I was in the middle of flight practice when she tackled me to the ground."  The cyan blue pegasus argued.

        "You practice every day Rainbow, it ain't like one day missed practice is gonna' hurt anythin'."  Applejack said.

        "Sorry to barge in on you and Rarity, Spike."  Twilight apologized.  "Pinkie was rather insistent that we come over.  Is everything okay?"

        "Yeah.  Me and Rarity just finished cleaning up after the girls' sleepover and we were taking a nap.  Then you guys came over."  He explained.

        Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and Apple Bloom raced into the house.  "What's going on Spike?  Is there anything we can do to help?"  Scootaloo asked.

        "Spiiiiiiike!"  Rarity yelled from the back room.

        The small purple dragon ran back to the master bedroom to find Rarity in a panic, the red satin bed sheets around her soaked.  "What's the matter, are you alright?"  He asked concerned.

        "My water broke.  Spike, the foal's coming; it's too early!"  She cried out.

        Twilight and the others rushed into the room.  "What's going on Spike?"  She asked, worried.

        "Twilight, Rarity's water broke and it's nearly a month too early.  What should we do?"  The purple dragon said fearfully.

  Fluttershy knew that every moment counted as she started uncharacteristically barking out orders.  "Twilight, please, go to the hospital and get the doctor quickly!"  

        Pinkie seemed to blow up like a balloon then settled down to her normal appearance.  "I guess that was it."  She said smiling.

        "Now isn't the time for jokes Pinkie."  Applejack said.  "Is there anythin' we can do Shy?"

        "Yes, I'll need you here but Pinkie, could you look after the girls, they really shouldn't be here right now."

        "Sure thing."  The pink party pony said as she started to gather up the three young ponies.

        "But why can't we stay?"  The three fillies complained.

        Spike approached the three girls and placed a hand on Sweetie Belle's shoulder.  "Sweetie, I really need you to go in the other room with your friends.  I promise I'll explain everything later."

        "Okay."  She said dejectedly.  Pinkie ushered them out the door and into the living room.

        "Can I help?"  Rainbow Dash asked.

        "Yes, I need you to go get a cloud filled with water, quickly."

        "Fast is what I do Shy.  Be right back."  Dash said as she flew out the bedroom window.

        "Applejack; you and I are the only ponies I know with any experience birthing.  Until Twilight gets back with the doctor, you and I are going to have to help Rarity.  I know it's not the same as helping one of your sheep but you're the best option right now, I'd say we should get her to a hospital but I don't think we should move her right now."  Fluttershy said with a confidence that was normally out of character for her.  "Rarity, are you okay with this?  I know it's a lot to ask right now but I want to be sure that you don't mind."

        Rarity was breathing heavily after her last contraction.  "I trust you Fluttershy; you too Applejack.  All you girls are my very best friends."

        "Is there any way I can help?"  Spike asked.

        "Yeah, you can get your tail up there with Rarity and help her through this.  Havin' a foal ain't always the easiest thin', sometimes it can be pretty hard on the mare."  Applejack told him as he climbed on the bed next to his marefriend.  

        "Just hold her hoof and help her through this Spike. Applejack and I will do the best we can."  Fluttershy reassured them both.

        A powerful contraction quaked through Rarity's body.  The white unicorn cried out, as the muscles in her abdomen seemed to catch fire.  "Hold on Rarity."  Spike said, hugging her as tightly as he could.

        Rainbow Dash came charging through the window with a small cloud in the shape of a basin, filled to the brim with fresh rainwater.  "Is this okay?"  She asked.

        "That's perfect Rainbow."  Fluttershy said as she climbed on the bed.  She quickly washed her hooves in the cloud basin and moved the unicorn's tail out of the way.  "Oh my, you're already fully dilated, this shouldn't be happening so fast.  I wish Twilight would hurry back with the doctor."  Another contraction ripped through Rarity.  She cried out as the contraction washed over her, tightening her embrace of the little purple dragon in her hooves

        "I'm not sure what to do, this is happenin' much too fast."  The farm pony said, concerned.  "I've never seen anythin' like this on the farm.  Where is Twilight with that doctor?"

        "Applejack, I don't think this foal is going to wait for the doctor, it wants to be born and it wants to be born now."  The yellow pegasus said.  "Rarity when the next contraction comes I want you to push hard okay?"

        "I'll do the best I can."  Rarity said, breathing hard.

        The next contraction came hard and fast.  "Push, Rarity; push as hard as you can."  Fluttershy encouraged her.  The contraction eased off and Rarity was able to breathe again.  Her whole body was trembling.

        Spike held her tighter.  "I'm here for you Rarity."  

        The white unicorn smiled down at the little purple dragon she held in her hooves.  Another hard contraction racked her body.

        "Push Rarity, oh, I can see the nose.  Push hard."  Fluttershy said excitedly.  The white unicorn pushed as hard as she could.  First the nose then the head of the new foal was pushed out.  

        "We're almost there Rarity.   On the next contraction I need you to give it all you've got."  Applejack encouraged her.   The next contraction came fast and painful.  Rarity cried out as she pushed the foal further out.  As soon as Fluttershy saw the little hooves she hooked her own front hooves under the foal's front legs and gently pulled the baby from Rarity's body.  

        With a flash of light, Twilight appeared in the room with Doctor Stable from Ponyville Hospital.  "Sorry it took so long, the hospital was dealing with an emergency."

        The sudden noise and flash of light from Twilight's entrance startled the foal and it began to cry fervently.  "Well Twilight, it looks like your friends were able to cope without me, but if it's all the same I'd like to take a look at the foal."  The caramel colored, unicorn physician walked over to the bed and inspected the crying foal cradled in Fluttershy's forelegs.  After a while the doctor picked up the foal from Fluttershy, cut the umbilical with his magic and set the foal down between Rarity and Spike.  "Congratulations you two, it's a boy; a unicorn as well.  Despite being a little underweight, your foal appears to be healthy."

        "Thanks Doctor Stable, we appreciate your help."  Spike said.

        "What are you thanking me for, I didn't do much.  To be honest Spike, when you two first told me that you were the father, I thought you were pulling my leg.  But I guess having a curse turn you into a pony makes all the difference.  All the same, I'd like you to bring the little guy by the hospital so we can get all the information for the birth certificate; any idea what you're going to name him?"

        Rarity brushed the short, wispy, royal purple mane out of the foal's face, careful not to knock her hoof against his small, light purple horn.  "I was thinking of naming him Garnet."  She said.

        Spike lightly kissed her cheek.  "I think Garnet is a great name."
This is the second part of the final chapter for Curse of the Werepony 2
I know you've all been waiting a long time for this and I hope it was well worth the wait.

Final Edit completed: 6/27/2012

Previous: [link]
But wait! The fun continues with "Luna the Matchmaker!" [link]
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